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Strenuous Problems with Household Carpets:chicagocarpetcleaning

Our household carpets so readily become the casualty of our daily lives. Somebody spills food, pets trace in dust and germs and day after day, these carpets develop a higher need to be maintained. The types of problems with carpets over time can be categorized in a certain way:

Dust Particles – The most common and the most major problem with carpets is dust infestation. Even if there are no visible stains, due to years of usage, the fibers of the carpets become a haven to dust particles. These fibers attract dust particles and become home to all sorts of allergens. This usually results in a dull appearance, an earthy odor and an un-hygienic environment for the living abode.

Rough Stains – With everyday usage, there are lots of little accidents that cause something to spill on the carpet, leaving behind an almost ominous stain. These stains can be further categorized into two types, Organic Stains and Synthetic Stains. Both of these stains differ from each other and need their very own specific cleaning methods.

Odors and Smells – With continuous usage, many sorts of unruly and off-putting odors infest the carpets. These odors can be caused by the stuff that has been spilled over them, by pets or by dust and dirt build ups in the fabric.

Downfalls of Cleaning at Home:rugcleaning-chicago

Cleaning your carpets at home can be very tricky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! Every type of carpet and every type of stain needs its very own treatment; customary household cleaning formulas don’t qualify for the job. These cleaning formulas, mostly being chemical and bleach based, tend to leave behind a great amount of damage to fabric to the fibers. And the cleaning job can’t be called good either because these formulas can cause color bleeding, thus further perpetuating the stain or even if they do clean, they leave behind some sort of marks that are just completely impossible to remove.

Trying to clean the carpets at home can bring extensive damage to the fabric that will taint it forever. Instead of experimenting at home you need to get professional help! Where to look? Well look no further Chicago people because we are right here!

The Professional Way:chicago-carpet

With a dexterous professional cleaning service available right here in Chicago, cleaning at home isn’t even a possibility. Here at Chicago Carpet Cleaning, we are a team of esteemed professionals that will give you the best cleaning experience! We understand the cleaning needs of Chicago households, with humidity in the warmer months and the unanticipated fluctuations in the weather every now and then, every carpet in Chicago becomes grubby and odorous after some usage.

Here at Chicago Carpet Cleaning, we have a professional solution for everything. We know just what it takes to clean different types of carpets and keep them maintained. We have different types of formulas for every type of stain. For example, we have enzyme based formulas that work to break down organic stains efficiently, without leaving behind even a small imperfection.

We work in such a way so that all of your belongings are safe with us and no damage is being done to them. Our cleverly alternated cleaning formulas integrate with the fabrics and give them impeccable cleaning without damaging even a single fiber. In fact, the life of your carpet will be prolonged with a treatment from our exceptional fabric conditioning formulas; this will further perpetuate the condition of the carpet and keep it smelling fresh!

Carpet Cleaning made Easy!Carpet-Chicago

Now having impeccably clean and radiant carpets is not a problem. We are just a phone call away from you! We believe in giving our customers the best work so they have nothing left to ask for. With our effortless cleaning and our damage free formulas, we are just what you need from your carpet cleaners.

If your carpets are extra sensitive or very expensive and you don’t want to risk anything, we also have dry cleaning methods that prove to be very useful for cleaning the carpets without inducing any sort of moisture.

Our Green and Damage Free Cleaning System:Organic-Premium

A very meaningful and very strong incentive that we have taken with our work is to be completely environment friendly. All of our formulas have been created with the sole reason of being Eco-friendly. Our professional worked over the years to formulate completely functional yet mild cleaning formulas that comprise of natural ingredients. With these formulas, there is no toxic industrial waste and these formulas are entirely bio degradable. It has always been our chief aim to give something back to our Earth while we work instead of polluting it further, so we are doing our role in procuring our Eco-system.

Another thing that makes these green formulas so great is the fact that they are completely non-toxic. Customary cleaning formulas that include harmful bleaches and alkaline based chemicals that are very rough for cleaning and are toxic as well, our green formulas are completely safe for household carpets. Kids tend to lie down on the carpets and synthetic cleaning chemicals, if left inside the carpet can cause skin irritation and other types of problems. These green formulas are completely safe and so gentle that they don’t do anything to human skin, so even if there is some residue in the carpet, it won’t cause a problem at all.

Get in Touch:get_in_touch

Hiring us is completely simple and can be done with as little effort as a simple phone call. We have a hotline customer care number where a team of professional customer care representatives waits to assist you! Just call us at (312) 763-8600 with any inquiries and one of our representatives will guide you through everything and help you with anything related to our service!

We also have an online tool on our contact page that enables you to get a free price quote! So if you’re willing to do things online, just fill in the simple form and we will contact you instantly with your free price estimate!

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