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Objectionable Odors and Stains Caused by Pets:Chicago-Dog-Poop-Cleaning

If you often have pets around the house then you know the problems associated with carpet and rug cleanliness. Stains caused by pets are not only hard to remove but when treated with harsh chemicals, leave behind ominous water marks and damage. Usually these stains are organic stains caused by animal food spills or dirt and grass stains that the pets bring in from outside. These stains are very tough and end up damaging the fabric if treated with bleach or any other cleaning chemical.

Pets also bring in an unruly odor with them that infests the carpets and taints your living abode. No matter how much you clean your carpets or no matter how much air freshener you spray, it still doesn’t go away. The trick is all about having your carpets and rugs cleaned in the professional way.

Complications and Dilemmas of Cleaning at Home:

Trying to clean these stains at home can be very risky, modern day bleaches and detergents tend to deprive the fabric of its look and after a cleaning treatment from these liquids, the fabrics looks dull and worn out in appearance. This happens because the fibers in the fabric have been extensively damaged throughout the procedure. And the stains are not completely washed away; they leave behind hideous water marks that taint the carpet forever.

And the odor never goes away either, unless you get professional help. With one of the best carpet cleaning companies serving customers right here in Chicago; there isn’t a chance that you’d have to do all this at home.

Chicago Carpet Cleaning:dog & baby on the carpet

Here at Chicago Carpet Cleaning we are a team of devoted professional working only for the convenience of you! We offer our best most innovative cleaning services to impeccably clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery etc.

What is so distinctively innovative about our business is that we are an all green enterprise! All of our cleaning methods and all the cleaning formulas we use are made from all natural ingredients. This makes our cleaning process completely pollution free and there is no toxic industrial waste afterwards. So as we carry out the process of dexterously cleaning your belongings, we are being completely eco-friendly and all our products are bio degradable.

Our formulas are designed to integrate with your cleaning needs, so while we impeccably clean your belongings and leave them smelling fresh like new, we won’t be bringing any possible sort of damage to them.

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