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Entrepreneurs clean up in business, literally and figuratively

MANSFIELD, Ohio – Entrepreneurs Jessie Palmer, Brad Palmer, and Sonya Morgan established Pinnacle Building Services in 2008, offering a service every business needs. “We offer commercial cleaning, and we have expanded into residential carpet care. Within commercial cleaning we also do hard-surface floor care, carpet cleaning, and window care,” said CFO and partner Sonya Morgan. CEO and partner Jessie Palmer noted that sometimes, small businesses feel they can manage their own building care, expecting staff to clean, or assigning a single employee to clean on weekends, but it’s not something that works for many businesses. “You just hear that it’s just not clean because you don’t have time to do that. It’s not what you were hired to do,” she said. “It’s the last thing anyone wants to do,” said Morgan, “or has time to do.” Therefore, many local businesses have turned to Pinnacle Building Services for their commercial cleaning needs. Originally operated from the home of one of three founding partners, Pinnacle Building Services now occupies an attractive office space on Lexington Avenue. “It’s funny looking back on it,” said Jessie Palmer. “When we first started, we did [employee] interviews at [various restaurants and coffee shops], wherever we could find a place to meet. It was kind of awkward, because you didn’t have an office to go to, and you didn’t want to bring them into your home, either.” Most startups begin on a small scale, like Pinnacle, and either grow or die out. After several years of slow, controlled growth, Pinnacle is now expanding. “We were at the point that we had to grow or back off,” explained Jessie...
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