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Entrepreneurs clean up in business, literally and figuratively

MANSFIELD, Ohio – Entrepreneurs Jessie Palmer, Brad Palmer, and Sonya Morgan established Pinnacle Building Services in 2008, offering a service every business needs.

“We offer commercial cleaning, and we have expanded into residential carpet care. Within commercial cleaning we also do hard-surface floor care, carpet cleaning, and window care,” said CFO and partner Sonya Morgan.

CEO and partner Jessie Palmer noted that sometimes, small businesses feel they can manage their own building care, expecting staff to clean, or assigning a single employee to clean on weekends, but it’s not something that works for many businesses.

“You just hear that it’s just not clean because you don’t have time to do that. It’s not what you were hired to do,” she said.

“It’s the last thing anyone wants to do,” said Morgan, “or has time to do.”

Therefore, many local businesses have turned to Pinnacle Building Services for their commercial cleaning needs.

Originally operated from the home of one of three founding partners, Pinnacle Building Services now occupies an attractive office space on Lexington Avenue.

“It’s funny looking back on it,” said Jessie Palmer. “When we first started, we did [employee] interviews at [various restaurants and coffee shops], wherever we could find a place to meet. It was kind of awkward, because you didn’t have an office to go to, and you didn’t want to bring them into your home, either.”

Most startups begin on a small scale, like Pinnacle, and either grow or die out. After several years of slow, controlled growth, Pinnacle is now expanding.

“We were at the point that we had to grow or back off,” explained Jessie Palmer. In addition to the recent expansion into home carpet care, the business has expanded in other ways.

“Recently, we’ve started offering our services for special event cleanup,” said Jessie Palmer. “We provide trash service and people to help clean up at the Final Friday Concert at the Brickyard.”

Not a “Mom and Pop”

Morgan and Jessie Palmer are sisters, and Jessie and Brad Palmer are married. The sisters explained that they founded the businesses for their mother, Daniele Morgan, who runs the day-to-day operations.

The three founding partners work full-time in other fields. “This is an extracurricular thing for us. We all have our positions and things we are responsible for within the company, but our mother has run the day-to-day operation pretty much single-handedly.”

“We never have advertised ‘family owned’ or ‘family operated,’” said Jessie Palmer. “We truly are, but we didn’t want to be recognized that way. Too many times, in a commercial world, you don’t want that ‘mom and pop’ stigma.”

From cold calls to marketing

Pinnacle’s growth initially relied on referrals and cold calls. The methods worked well, as the company is now contracted with more than 30 businesses in five counties.

“We have never advertised,” said Palmer. “Not one piece of advertising, ever, until Joe came along.”

“Joe” is Joseph Daniels, who was previously introduced to Richland Source readers as “Style Guy Joe.” Now facility and marketing manager for Pinnacle, Daniels loans his expertise to the company.

Jessie Palmer noted, “It started with a website, and then he wanted to link that to a Facebook page.”

She added they’ve moved to some print and radio advertising, as well. “It’s through Joe that people are starting to recognize the [company] name,” she explained.

Sonya Morgan said that Daniels’ marketing plan lends itself well to their expansion into residential cleaning and carpet care. “On the commercial side of things, we didn’t necessarily have to advertise. With that, we could do cold calls and get the referrals. It’s much easier to get your foot in the door that way. With residential, it’s a very different cu-stomer base, and a very different way to get to those customers. You can’t just knock on their door.”

Daniels said he enjoys working for the company.

“Working for Pinnacle Building Services allows me to combine two of my favorite things: local business and Mansfield. Every big business was once a small business, and without support on the local level growth is nearly impossible.

“Not only is Pinnacle a local company, but most of our clients are local companies in various stages of growth, and it’s terrific to be able to be a part of helping them look their best – cleaning up our city one building, one house, one Brickyard at a time,” said Daniels.

The company is currently hiring part-time employees and anyone interested may find more information by contacting Daniele Morgan at 419-989-5822.

Pinnacle Building Services is located at 1216 Lexington Ave. More information may be found at their website and their Facebook page.


 original article: http://www.richlandsource.com/business/entrepreneurs-clean-up-in-business-literally-and-figuratively/article_90fa334a-3a1c-11e5-91f4-3bd2d166e440.html
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