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Recurring Problems with Household Upholstery:


It wouldn’t be very irrational if one says that upholstery is victimized by our day to day usage. Repulsive food and drink spills are per the usual on household and upholstery but there are many other problems too that might require professional assistance.

Water Marks – Water marks are one of the most common problems with upholstery that are very hard to remove. These marks are usually caused when a certain cleaning liquid doesn’t work all the way through and there is still some residue left. These marks are very misleading and taint the upholstery fabric for a lifetime if not dealt with.

Browning – Browning can be caused by two things. Either dust buildup of extensive cleaning with harmful liquids. This usually occurs in lighter colors of upholstery; with time they tend to start looking dull and unkempt. They turn into an eye sore and further cleaning with chemicals doesn’t bring about any difference.

Color Bleeding – This occurs in upholstery with colorful fabric or a fabric with a design that has multiple colors. If a stain is treated with a harsh cleaning liquids or bleach, the colors on the upholstery fabric tend to bleed into each other thus completely ruining the perfect look your upholstery once had, once done, color bleeding can’t be undone so it is best to not use harsh chemicals or colorful or dyed upholstery fabrics.

Ambiguous Outcomes of Cleaning at Home:Chicago_IL_UPHOLSTERY_CLEANING_003

Treating dirty upholstery at home is completely out of the question because cleaning and maintaining upholstery can be very complicated. Cleaning upholstery at home with customary cleaning formulas and bleaches can induce all sorts of problems, mostly the ones mentioned above. Treating at home can also bring extensive damage to the fabric of the upholstery because when it comes to upholstery, there is an array of different types of fabrics and every different fabric has its own cleaning preference.

Cleaning at home may also lead to moisture seeping inside the upholstery. This will make the upholstery feel damp and slick to the touch and may also lead mold and mildew buildups. This can be very unhygienic, especially if you have small children around the house and it will also give off a very foul odor. This odor will taint your rooms forever and no matter what you do it won’t go away. Basically problems like this are caused by everyday usage but they can’t be dealt with at home and need regular maintenance.


Worst case scenario can be that you’d end up throwing your upholstery but it doesn’t have to be that way if your upholstery is regularly maintained. The best way is to acquire professional help and have your upholstery cleaned and maintained regularly, professionally. Where to look? Well here at Chicago Carpet Cleaning, we have just the service you need for impeccable upholstery maintenance and cleaning.




Professional Help Right around the Corner:DCIM100SPORT

One of Chicago’s best cleaning services, Chicago Carpet Cleaning brings you one step closer to impeccably clean interiors. We excel in performing cleaning and maintenance tasks that are too strenuous and time consuming for you to carry out yourself. It is our philosophy and vision here to put our clients on top of everything else. Our clients are our very first priority and we deal with all tasks with professionalism. We do our best to ensure 100% and sheer customer satisfaction.

Our trained professionals have been in the field for years and know just how to handle bulky upholstery and all the problems that come with it. Our specially designed cleaning techniques work seamlessly to give you the best results so if you have upholstery that needs attention or regular maintenance, we can be your best choice!

In order to avoid damage, we use special cleaning techniques that bring to no harm to the upholstery. Our cleaning formulas are extremely integral and work flawlessly to clean any sort of spots and stains thus maintaining the quality of the fabric. We also use highly advanced dry cleaning techniques to eliminate any chance of exposure to moisture that might reside in the upholstery and keep it damp and unclean.

Ingenuous Cleaning Methodologies:DCIM100SPORT

Our cleaning methods are known to be completely innovative and one of the best in Chicago. We call them innovative because we have made special formulas with all natural ingredients that are completely eco-friendly. These formulas have been specially created by our professionals to carry out effortless cleaning with keeping out nature in mind. Nor do we consume any toxic materials when we clean and neither do we produce any toxic waste when we’re done.

Being green, our formulas are completely bio degradable and safe. In a household it is essential that the upholstery or carpets are not treated with toxic chemicals like bleaches because even after cleaning, some of the chemicals still stay clung to the fibers. That may result in skin irritation but with our green formulas they are completely safe and risk free. So have the pleasure of impeccably clean upholstery while still having sustained your planet and its nature.

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